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Having been led by the rapidly growing information and communication technology (ICT), smartphones and tabs as wireless digital devices have revolutionized the society with their multitasking capability, user-friendliness and portability. As such, the society where information plays an enormous role tends to rely on these cutting-edge devices in accessing information they need and getting various other tasks done.

App is a word very synonymous with smartphones and tabs. Apps are the programs that carry out particular tasks on these devices that have penetrated deep into the society. In keeping with this technological revolution and societal evolution, SLT Rainbow Pages as the only national business directory in Sri Lanka has developed a Mobile App for Android and Apple platforms to reach out to a broad cross section of the society. Unlike most other mobile apps, the SLT Rainbow Pages Mobile App comes with an array of exclusive features.



The SLT Rainbow Pages Mobile App lists all leading business organizations, government organizations, and product/service suppliers throughout the island. Hence, millions of contact listings could now be accessed with just a touch-away. A listing contains organization name, address, contact phone numbers, email and web addresses.


If it is a govt. dept. or a hospital or a restaurant or a vehicle spare part shop, or whatever you need can be searched on the SLT Rainbow Pages Mobile App which finds it fast for you. A company/organization could be searched either by its name on the search bar or by selecting the relevant category (e.g. health, hotel, shopping, banking, short codes etc.).

Digital Map

The SLT Rainbow Pages Mobile App features Digital Maps to locate companies/organizations enabling customers to find it more easily.


The SLT Rainbow Pages Mobile App offers thousands of banners through which organizations could promote their products and services. Mobile App banners are a great opportunity to promote products & services to a wide cross section of the society in a smarter way.

Detail Pages

The SLT Rainbow Pages Mobile App features detail pages (company profiles in brief). A detail page contains much more information such as branch details, products/services, business hours, purchase options, special offers & promotions.

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